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Why Having a Plan B Can Sometimes Backfire
Research has found that having a backup plan might actually sabotage your efforts toward your primary goal. Before you set up your safety net, read these lessons from women scientists here.


The Neuroscience of Pokémon Go
Why is Pokémon Go so popular? To understand, let’s look at the neuroscience behind Pokémon Go. Read it here.

1 How to Trick Your Brain into Being More Creative  
You need to take the time to keep your creative engine fresh. Read it here.


2 How You Can Harness the Contagiousness of Creativity
How to nurture your brain's natural ability to generate and share creativity. Read it here.


3 Want to Give Your Brain a Boost? Go Jump Out of a Plane 
How facing your fears can stimulate creative thinking. Read it here.


How to Captivate Your Audiences with Motion
Set the color & opacity of the color over the banner image. Read it here.

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