Amanda is a creative director + design strategist.





Her background in neuroscience
grounds her work in the fundamentals
of human cognition + emotion. 


She believes that through research, collaboration and experimentation, design has the power to shape behavior and shine a light on inaccessible concepts such as science. She helps brands and organizations communicate complex multi-faceted messages by designing websites, motion graphics, print materials and campaigns that knit it all together. Using the Design Thinking toolkit, she also helps organizations solve tough business challenges and optimize for their business goals.


She has received recognition from

ATOMIC by Design

Amanda is the creator of ATOMIC by Design, a fashion line and community for girls and women who aren't afraid to wear their smarts on their sleeves. The line is based on the 118 ATOMIC elements. Like the women who wear them, every element plays a unique role is shaping our world. Amanda believes that every girl should have the opportunity to express her love for STEM and find her tribe.

ATOMIC by Design won a WeWork Creator's Award last year.


The Leading Strand

Amanda is the founder and CEO of The Leading Strand, an organization that explores the power of discovery and human ingenuity. It pairs scientists and designers to co-create experiences that translate research in rigorous and visually compelling ways.


The Storytelling of Science

Helping the world appreciate the people, stories and ideas behind the important but often inaccessible institution that Science is one of Amanda's missions. Find out why in her first TED talk.  Her mainstage talk comes out in April.


Beyond Curie

She is the creator of Beyond Curie, an award-winning design project that celebrates the rich history of women kicking ass in STEM fields. She hopes to inspire the next generation of kids to go into STEM fields by showing that our world was built by brilliant women, not just men, of all backgrounds.


Creative Habit

Fond of experiments, Amanda set out to test whether she could train creativity with her project Creative Habit. For a year, she released an image daily created in 1 hour. Read her findings here.


She'd love to hear from you.